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Direct Response TV (DRTV) is a broadcast commercial that specifically targets the viewer to do something specific, most commonly to call a number or visit a website to purchase a product or enquire about a service.

DRTV commercials can run as short as thirty seconds or as long as thirty minutes. They are a popular form of advertising as they generate business leads instantly with website traffic generation often a fraction of the price of PPC and impacts up to 10% the cost of paid adverts on social media.

And here at On Air Media we live and breathe DRTV!


Our broadcast team have the knowledge and experience of producing effective long and short from DRTV commercials for a wide variety of sectors including arts and crafts, holidays and cruises, fashion and footwear, collectables and memorabilia... and pretty much everything in between.

We deliver insightful, creative and hardworking DRTV commercials that bring your product or service to life in an exciting and engaging format designed to deliver a return on your investment - not just in direct sales but also by helping to build and develop your brand and customer base.

Plus with our in-house studio facility, we can offer the most competitive DRTV solution available, taking care of every aspect from script to screen.

What do you want to sell and who do you want to sell it to is where any DRTV campaign starts. This allows us to determine the best format for your offering - long or short form advertising.

Our team will work hand in hand with you to plan every step of your campaign from creative strategy, to concepts and scripts, to Clearcast approval and distribution of your finished commercial to television channels.

We’re setup to produce DRTV commercials with a fast turnaround encompassing studio, location and testimonial filming.

With our extensive experience, we know what works and what doesn't. So you can be sure that your commercial will tick all the boxes required of any successful DRTV campaign.

When you're happy... let's get you ON AIR!

Airtime value is key with any DRTV campaign and with our experience of working with the UK's top sales houses, we can broker the best deals to ensure your commercial is broadcast on the right channels and at the right times.

DRTV commercials work best out of peak time and the most cost effective use of your airtime budget is to buy many slots across channels that are right for your demographic.


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