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Here at On Air Media, our purpose built broadcast studio has been designed with your next production in mind. Its high specification makes it fully capable of producing live and recorded content for television, online, corporate and DVD - no job is too big or small for us! ​


The 75m² space available (20ft x 40ft / 10ft high) is hugely versatile so whether you want to construct your own set or utilise green screen technology to place your talent in a virtual environment, we will help you produce high end results without having to pay a high end price tag.


Plus, we have excellent connectivity with a dedicated 50Mbps leased line providing Wi-Fi throughout the studio facility and ample bandwidth for the broadcast of live television and online streaming in Full High Definition.

So whether you are looking to record programming for television, stream video content live online or anything and everything in between - be sure to get in touch to find out more about how you could be producing your next video production with the broadcast experts here at On Air Media.

Oh and we offer so much more than just a studio! Check out our full facilities below, all included as standard with our studio hire packages...

If you need to record high quality audio for any type of production then our Voice Over Booth is ready for you. Featuring a broadcast standard Audio Technica AT4033a Cardioid Condenser Microphone, our facilities have been highly utilised for the recording of narration for television as well as numerous voice overs for television and radio commercials.

The state-of-the-art Production Gallery is the hub of our studio facilities featuring the latest in technology to produce broadcast standard content in Full High Definition. Let us drive your production or let your crew call the shots! Facilities include Vision & Audio Mixing, Live Keying, Video Playback, Autocue, Uncompressed Recording and much more.

The Green Room is the perfect space for you, your staff, guests and clients to unwind and relax during your filming session with live monitoring of the studio output or Sky TV. It is fully stocked with tea, coffee, sweets and treats!

We have 2 identical Dressing Rooms

providing red carpet glamour for the stars of your production. They also provide a quiet haven to relax and unwind in-between filming. Ironing facilities are also available.

Our Production Office is a great space to

work during your filming session. It is ideal for pre and post production meetings plus viewing of the live studio output. Colour printing, trimming and laminating are also available.

Check out the technical specifications of our studio facilities...

 4 x Canon XF305 1080i HD Cameras (BBC Approved Standard)

  17” Autocue Prompter with Gallery Control

 5 x Sennheiser Tie Clip Radio Microphones

 5 x Talent / Crew Talkback

  3 x Floor Monitors for Talent

 2 x Overhead Monitors for Crew

  Daylight Cool Fluorescent Lighting

  Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio

  Multiview Monitoring of All Sources

  3 x Video Server Channels for Video Playback

 Graphic Store for Still Images & Animations

 2 x Recording Channels to Hard Drive & Memory Card

 Presonus StudioLive 16.0.12 Digital Audio Mixer

  Waveform & Vectorscope Monitoring

Require something else for your production?

We can source and hire additional equipment to suit your needs. 

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